Jet Edge Global One Is The Pinnacle Of Private Jet Luxury

Mark Ewing Contributor

Global One is the third Bombardier to enter charter service with Jet Edge, and is the company’s most extensively modified and upgraded plane.

When you and your Los Angeles team must reach London in a hurry, relaxed and fully prepared, Jet Edge’s new Global One ultra-long-range large-cabin charter jet can do the business for $200,000. Tokyo? $225,000. Shanghai? $275,000. Charter rates begin at $8,000 per hour.

Global One is available at a starting rate of $8000 per hour. With a range just over 7000 miles (6226 NM), Global One can easily fly from Los Angeles LAX to Heathrow non-stop.

Global One is the third Bombardier to enter charter service with Jet Edge, and is the company’s most extensively modified and upgraded plane. Passenger cabin has a height of six foot three inches. The cabin is just over eight feet wide, offering a comfortable central aisle.

Global One’s aft-cabin stateroom can be configured with either king or full-size berthing divans. LED lighting can be adjusted to set moods. The aft lavatory is fully private.

Jet Edge built itself from a maintenance provider to a burgeoning private airline with more than 60 jets in service by focusing solely on Gulfstreams, realizing financial efficiencies in operational and maintenance costs. The company has now diversified, and also operates Embraer, Dassault and Bombardier aircraft. The Jet Edge business model was to not own the aircraft, but spec and sell the plane to the client, then manage all aspects of its operation for the client-owner. To help lower client outlay for jets operated as tools of business, Jet Edge could charter downtime on weekends and holidays.

The crew uses a lavatory in the forward compartment, separate from passengers. Passengers have total privacy.

But a significant goal was to operate ultra-long-range large-cabin charter jets. Little more than six years in, Global One and its two Bombardier stablemates have fulfilled that ambition.

The cabin has a color-changing LED lighting system. Honeywell JetWave high-speed international WiFi brings connectivity. Top-of-the-line GoGo Vision advanced L5 4G streaming entertainment system delivers in-flight access to a library of current-release movies and TV shows. Venue system touchscreen entertainment controls are located throughout the cabin, activating dual Apple TVs, a 42-inch HD mid-cabin monitor, and two additional 24-inch monitors on the bulkhead.

Jet Edge can stock the plane with the very best wine and spirits. Global One has a full-service forward galley.

Jet Edge achieved success in a ruthless business through the rigor and discipline one expects from a private jet operator, becoming one of the first four companies worldwide to hold all four of the highest safety accreditations: ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, IS-BAO Stage 3, and ACSF Registered. IS-BAO Stage 3 is the private jet equivalent of a restaurant with three Michelin stars. Jet Edge was one of the first private airlines approved under the FAA’s ASAP program (Aviation Safety Action Program). Jet Edge also participates in the voluntary FOQA program (Flight Operations Quality Assurance).

“Jet Edge has built its platform by operating one of the world’s largest fleets of truly one of a kind ultra-long-range aircraft,” says Jet Edge CEO Bill Papariella. “Global One is the third Global Express in our fleet. It can fly anywhere in the world.”

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